Why My Brother Printer Connected to WiFi but Showing Offline?

There are several issues that you may face while printing your documents using Brother printers. Sometimes your printer might go in offline state and makes you unable to print your documents properly. There can be several reasons by which you may face such issues on your system, particularly the unstable internet connectivity, power supply issues, etc are responsible for this issue. Here, in this article, we have mentioned how you can bring your offline Brother printer to online state.

Quick Steps to Fix Brother Printer Connected to WiFi but Showing Offline

If your printer is properly connected to your device but indicating offline error message, then there might be something wrong with its status. You should immediately check and resolve the Brother printer status if it is showing offline. Brother printer offline issue can be resolved by setting your printer as the default printer or setting proper configurations under printer properties. You can follow these easy steps to check all the issues:

• Type cp in the search box of your desktop and open Control Panel. Then, click on Printers and Devices option appearing on the screen.

• Select your Brother printer with which you are facing problems and Right-click on it to open “See what’s printing.”

• Again Right-click on the selected printer and select “Set as default printer” option.

• Under “Set as default printer” section, you can check the status of your printer – offline or paused.

• If the status of your Brother printer is indicated as Paused, simply click on “Resume printing” button.

• Run a test print to ensure whether your printer is working properly.

Hope, the above steps help you to fix an Offline error message while printing from the Brother printer even it is properly connected to Wi-Fi. Check whether your printer is facing a connectivity issue with the wireless network. If you are still facing any problem again, please contact technical Support team of Brother printer to fix your problem.